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Here’s an idea: what would you like to see Mike talk about?
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    my love for this web-series knows no end.
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  7. markablogs answered: Pornography. Think of is as a challenge.How could you creatively talk about pornography? :P
  8. dannycollage answered: COLLAGE!!! and you can mention my work ;)
  9. eyeheartculture answered: Media can no longer survive without nostalgia due to our shift toward individual digital lives, away from collective experiences
  10. masteryata answered: Conservative vs. Liberal
  11. marianthinks answered: Here’s an idea: Environmental politics and Marxism!
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  13. amorsciendi answered: Here’s an Idea: The Barefoot running movement and the Paleo diet are both a response to recent advancements in Chaos Theory
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    watch himmmm…. he’s an adorable nerd who’s probably smarter than your professors.
  15. aliciadreams answered: Foodies and foodie culture? Why is Joss Whedon allowed to kill our favorite characters? (we’re in love with being sad?)
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  17. zoeyfrost answered: What wouldn’t I like to see Mike talk about…
  18. mingbot answered: The panopticon, discursive regimes, and how social media is related to each.
  19. crocojim18 answered: Indie games!
  20. lumpyfunk answered: more people are riding bikes
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