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"Bruce Wayne, The Batman" 2014 by Jeremy Fisher


Mixed Media

Bruce Wayne has come to an untimely end and now his remains stand as a trophy in some super-villian’s lair.  Underneath the gadgets and imposing suit lies mere flesh and bone.

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"My singing… i’ll just say it simple as possible: it’s just godly."
- Michael Jackson in January 1980

Watch this never before “seen” interview with Michael (and Janet) Jackson here:

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"There are a number of things that set Southern artists apart from anyone else. … Their obsession with place and their obsession with family." —Sally Mann

In a new episode from the ART21 Exclusive series, photographer Sally Mann reflects on the life of Virginia Franklin Carter (1894–1994)—a woman who helped raise the artist and her two brothers in Lexington, Virginia. “My parents were important but Virginia may have been the single most important person in my life,” says Mann in the episode, who named her youngest daughter after Carter.

WATCH: Sally Mann: “The Two Virginias”

IMAGES (TOP ROW): Sally Mann in her Lexington, Virginia home, 2000. Production stills from the ART21 Exclusive episode, Sally Mann: “The Two Virginias”. © ART21, Inc. 2014.

IMAGES (BOTTOM ROWS): Photographs from Sally Mann’s series, The Two Virginias (1988–1991). Courtesy of the artist. © Sally Mann.


James McNeill Whistler was known as a caustic wit and man-about-town in his adopted home of London. The new documentary James McNeill Whistler & The Case for Beauty takes a close look at the life of this 19th-Century artist.

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