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We’re saddened to share the news that artist On Kawara has passed away. He began making his iconic “Date Paintings” in 1966. Each consists of a neatly hand-lettered canvas commemorating the day of its creation. The canvases are stored in specially made cardboard boxes containing pages from a local newspaper of the same day and from whatever place the artist happened to be that day. 

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Holy smokes this classic Pancake Mountain clip has a Kings of Leon dance party, a silly version of “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan and Sara, a Ramones cover by Franz Ferdinand AND your favorite goat Rufus palling around with Jack and Meg from the White Stripes.


Realizing there are still a ton of Marvel portraits that I’ve yet to post to tumblr! 

I’ll be doing an AP sale of every print from my show, HOPEFULLY soon, so look for that. 


Jennifer & Kevin McCoy

Every Shot, Every Episode, 2001

277 DVDs with sound, carrying case, and LCD monitor

The source material for this work is a collection of 10,000 shots from Starsky & Hutch. Each episode is broken down into a series of individual shots. The artists have assigned key words to each shot: every plaid, every sexy outfit, every yellow Volkswagen, etc. There are 278 categories in total. Each category is archived on an individual video CD which is labelled in clear, bold lettering and installed in the gallery on a shelf. Video CDs are chosen by the gallery visitor and played via the built-in video screen.


By Nava Lubelski, working with the idea of destruction and restoration, tearing and cutting stained areas of a painted canvas then carefully repairing them with embroidery. The web-like structures over the larger holes are beautiful and embellish the repair work in such a precious way, the contrasting colours on the final image really stand out for me too.


Greg Klassen.

To make his furniture, artist Greg Klassen collects trees (in a sustainable way, I might mention) from the river bed of the Nooksack River which flows near his home in Lynden, Washington and then transforms them into gorgeous works of art; cutting, carving and sanding them all by hand.  You can see more of the gorgeous work below!

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