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Cameron Stalheim creates mixed-media sculptures that indulge the stuff of nightmares. His most recent work, and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died, is a striking depiction of a collapsed merman taking his last breaths. Several times longer than human height, the sculpture confronts us with an image of death: in this case, the death of our collective childhood fantasies (who didn’t want to live among the mermaids when they were young?). Read more on Hi-Fructose.



My first two pieces from the Imprint art assignment. At top - and before I had a chance to watch the whole video - you can see a slice of tree I took from my garden, which meant that an hour and a half with an old saw gave me a printing surface that is much too large if we’re following the brief strictly. Not doing that is also fine, as the saw marks and g rowth rings combine in fascinating ways. The last photo shows the sawed-in-half book I continued with, and the strangely-hatted figures it gave me. More to come!

The tree slice is really lovely! (Not to knock the book print.)

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