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Cameron Stalheim creates mixed-media sculptures that indulge the stuff of nightmares. His most recent work, and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died, is a striking depiction of a collapsed merman taking his last breaths. Several times longer than human height, the sculpture confronts us with an image of death: in this case, the death of our collective childhood fantasies (who didn’t want to live among the mermaids when they were young?). Read more on Hi-Fructose.



My first two pieces from the Imprint art assignment. At top - and before I had a chance to watch the whole video - you can see a slice of tree I took from my garden, which meant that an hour and a half with an old saw gave me a printing surface that is much too large if we’re following the brief strictly. Not doing that is also fine, as the saw marks and g rowth rings combine in fascinating ways. The last photo shows the sawed-in-half book I continued with, and the strangely-hatted figures it gave me. More to come!

The tree slice is really lovely! (Not to knock the book print.)


Jim Hodges
Untitled (one day it all comes true)
denim fabric and thread
720 x 1,440 in


Art Assignment 12: Imprint

Scanned versions of my art assignment pieces, made using a cut in half and dipped in paint aloe vera leaf, paper bag, plastic container, and napkin! Wanted to upload the scanned versions too because the photos don’t really show them very accurately. done in watercolor

Sorry for taking up all your dashboard space! 

(via theartassignment)


Made another PD-inspired handbag. (Hand-painted on vinyl.) Let me tell you, I saw the first two episodes of Frankenstein MD at LeakyCon, and I am looking forward to this series SO MUCH. ((And I just can’t get over how cool the logo art is, so I HAD to put it on something.))


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